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Protect Starter Kit

Gut Support Immunity Nourish
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Protect your immunity year-round with chaga in delicious organic coffee, and organic plant-based protein plus a versatile high dose organic mushroom blend.

Protect Organic Coffee, Ground,
Protect Organic Coffee, Ground

Ingredients: organic coffee, organic wildcrafted chaga extract, organic log-grown turkey tail extract, zinc gluconate, vitamin D2 (from organic Earthlight® mushroom powder).

Creamy Cacao Organic Plant-based Protein,
Creamy Cacao Organic Plant-based Protein

Ingredients: organic pea protein, organic cacao powder, organic coconut milk powder, organic hemp protein, organic chia protein, organic coconut palm sugar, organic pumpkin protein, organic coconut protein, pink Himalayan sea salt, organic ashwagandha extract, organic eleuthero extract, organic log-grown turkey tail extract, organic vegan cordyceps extract, organic log-grown lion’s mane extract, organic wildcrafted chaga extract, organic log-grown reishi extract, organic monk fruit extract.

Protect Organic Mushroom Blend
Protect Organic Mushroom Blend

Ingredients: organic wildcrafted chaga extract, organic log-grown reishi mushroom extract, organic vegan cordyceps mushroom extract, organic log-grown lion’s mane mushroom extract, organic log-grown shiitake mushroom extract, organic log-grown maitake mushroom extract, organic log-grown enoki mushroom extract, organic log-grown agaricus mushroom extract, organic log-grown meshima mushroom extract, organic log-grown tremella mushroom extract, organic rose hips.

USDA Organic
Tested for toxins
Daily immune health Rich antioxidant properties De-stress
Daily immune health
Protect your internal defenses with these delicious, functional immune-boosting blends. Chaga plus vitamin D and zinc are specifically chosen to help shield your body from the inside out.
Rich antioxidant properties
That dark black color of chaga comes from its wealth of antioxidant powers. Chaga has some of the highest antioxidant content of any food on the planet.
Unwind and decompress with a carefully curated blend of powerful adaptogen extracts to help you de-stress.

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Frequently Asked

This is part of your overall defense system to feel good when everyone around you is sniffling. It can't replace a good night's sleep or a healthy diet, but you'll notice in the first few weeks that you feel more resilient. Functional mushrooms are safe to consume long-term and you’ll notice how much better you feel now if you try a cup of regular coffee after a month of your Protect Organic Coffee.
About 150 mg per 12 oz cup, about the same as regular dark roast coffee.
Yes, our Creamy Cacao Organic Plant-based Protein has a touch of organic monk fruit extract to balance out the product for best flavor!
Store in a dry, cool space for all of our products.
Daily immune health, rich antioxidant properties, and de-stress! (And who doesn’t need more of that).
Yes, everything is USDA organic!
We recommend you check with your doctor if you are pregnant or breastfeeding. ​​
18 grams of organic plant-based protein.
Technically no based on having less calories than what is regulated as a meal. We recommend adding in fruit and dairy for a more full smoothie if you are looking to replace a meal.
Absolutely not!
It is a true cacao taste thanks to real organic cacao powder.
Definitely. We love it in muffins or pancakes.
No - but for a reason! We fill all of our products by weight not volume, so your canisters will not be filled to the top with powder. Because these products contain a powder, it may appear less to the eye because of the potential for the powder to condense during transit but rest assured that the package does include the actual number of servings! To help ensure that you receive each of those precious servings, we've included a scoop in each canister for measuring. If you don't see this scoop at the top of the canister, just shake down the contents a bit in case it's settled into your product during transit :)
We do use hemp in our protein blend. If that is allowed for your sport, you are good!
While we cannot be certain about everything someone might be tested for, our products are 100% legal. None of our products are on the World Anti-Doping Agency’s (WADA’s) prohibited list, and they are legal all around the world. Most functional mushrooms and adaptogenic herbs have been used for over 5,000 years, so it is very unlikely that they will ever make the list or become illegal. Please be aware that our Organic Plant-based Proteins do contain hemp protein but each batch is tested for THC and levels are no more than 5 ppm.
Unfortunately, we cannot currently share the amino acid profile of our protein powder. The reasons for this are because we’re not making claims for specific amino acids and the breakdown is currently proprietary to preserve our competitive stance with the product. We can assure you that our protein formulations take into consideration the Protein Digestibility Corrected Amino Acid Score or PDCAAS as it is known in the industry. Our protein is very high quality and the PDCAAS value is 0.83. PDCAAS is evaluated on a 0 to 1 scale, meaning the closer the value to 1, the higher the ability to digest the essential amino acids and greater ability to lose less of the protein quality to waste.
From what our reviews say, pretty great! Just shake with ice in a shaker for a smooth texture and delicious flavor.

We'll reach out when this item is back

All you have to do is enter your email address and you'll automatically receive an alert once this product is restocked.