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Balance Half Caf Ground Coffee Bag

De-stress Mood Energy
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Lower caffeine, less stress in a half caf* brew. Organic coffee infused with adaptogens to help you find calm, and balance body and mind.

  • Stabilize your stress levels
  • Energy with half the caffeine*
  • Long-term positive mood
Roast Medium Roast
Type Ground
Tasting Notes Notes of caramel
Caffeine Level Half caf*
Usage Pre-ground and ready to use in a drip coffee maker, French press, or pour-over
Organic medium roast half caf* coffee,
Organic medium roast half caf* coffee

We take decaf coffee from Peru and combine it with full-strength coffee from Honduras to create a lower caffeine option from high in the mountains. This tastes like coffee because it IS coffee. *50/50 blend of regular ground coffee and decaffeinated ground coffee. Contains half the caffeine compared to Four Sigmatic Think Organic Ground Coffee.

Organic ashwagandha extract,
Organic ashwagandha extract

This Ayurvedic herb is a celebrity in the adaptogen world–and for good reason. It’s been used for generations to support so many conditions we can’t fit them all here, but stress relief is one of our favorites.

Organic eleuthero extract,
Organic eleuthero extract

An adaptogenic root used in Asia and Russia for hundreds of years. The extracted root may support stamina, endurance, and overall wellbeing. We could go on about this root for ages.

Organic wildcrafted chaga extract,
Organic wildcrafted chaga extract

Meet your ultimate immune system supporter. Packed with antioxidants, this mushroom helps keep your body well. Our chaga’s sustainably wildcrafted on birch trees, just as nature intended. We extract the real chaga (no mycelium, fillers or grains here) to unlock the best of the best benefits.

Organic tulsi extract
Organic tulsi extract

Celebrated for its ability to uplift mood tulsi (A.K.A. holy basil) is a must-have in any stress-reducing blend.

USDA Organic
Tested for toxins
No Sugar
Stabilize your stress levels Energy with half the caffeine Long-term positive mood
Stabilize your stress levels
When stress strikes, look to adaptogens. The stress will still be there, but you’ll be better able to *adapt.* We took our go-to stress stabilizers and blended them together for the perfect balancing mix in your morning brew.
Energy with half the caffeine
Half the caffeine, all the benefits. For your first or second cup, this blend brews half caf, but full flavor. There still is caffeine because you’re drinking real organic coffee.
Long-term positive mood
It’s natural for moods to ebb and flow, but we’re here to help with the dips. A meta-analysis of 330,677 people drinking coffee daily found that coffee consumption is significantly associated with supporting healthy moods. Brew your feel good.

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Frequently Asked

The stress is still going to be there. You'll notice in the next few weeks that you are better able to react without a meltdown. Functional mushrooms are safe to consume long-term and you’ll notice how much better you feel now if you try a cup of regular coffee after a month of your Balance Organic Coffee.
About 75 mg per 12 oz cup, because this is a blend of decaf and reg caf organic coffee.
No! We proudly use USDA organic medium roast Honduran and Peruvian coffee in this coffee.
Balance Organic Coffee can be brewed in a traditional drip coffee maker, French Press, or pour over. You can use these grinds to make espresso, however, you may need to grind them to a finer consistency at home first!
The main ingredient is coffee with adaptogenic herbs and chaga mushroom. No, this product does not taste like mushrooms!
Nope! If you like sweetener in your coffee try our Think Organic Creamer!
If you love hot coffee, mix 4 Tbsp coffee with 12 fl. oz. hot water in a drip coffee maker, French press, or pour over. Elevate your coffee with our Think Organic Creamer! Prefer it iced? Pour over A LOT of ice. Or make a cold brew by adding cold water to the grounds and then letting it steep for 24-48 hrs.
A dry and cool space, somewhere the coffee won’t get burnt by the sun!
Energy, helping you to manage stress and relaxation (And who doesn’t need more of that).

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All you have to do is enter your email address and you'll automatically receive an alert once this product is restocked.