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Calm Mushroom Complex Capsules

De-stress Mood
Pack Size

Organic curated blend featuring reishi mushroom, ashwagandha, and vitamin B6 to reduce stress. Clear your mind so you can focus on what matters.

  • Stabilized temporary stress levels
  • A relaxed yet alert state of mind
  • Long-term positive mood
Serving Size 3 capsules daily
When to Consume Morning or night
Organic log-grown reishi fruiting body extract,
Organic log-grown reishi fruiting body extract

A.K.A. Queen of mushrooms. But don’t worry, no royal status needed to enjoy the benefits of this stress-supporting super mushroom. (Royalty doesn’t believe in filler grains).

Organic tulsi extract,
Organic tulsi extract

Celebrated for its ability to uplift mood tulsi (A.K.A. holy basil) is a must-have in any stress-reducing blend.

Vitamin B6,
Vitamin B6

Helps promote the calming neurotransmitters serotonin and GABA.

Organic ashwagandha extract
Organic ashwagandha extract

This Ayurvedic herb is a celebrity in the adaptogen world–and for good reason. It’s been used for generations to support so many conditions we can’t fit them all here, but stress relief is one of our favorites.

USDA Organic
Stress relief Clear your mind More energy
Stress relief
Stress is part of life, but there are things we can do and add to our routine that help manage it so it doesn’t impact our brain and body functioning. Adaptogens, like reishi and tulsi, help you adapt to those everyday stressors.
Clear your mind
No more groggy, scattered thoughts and emotions. This organic blend with reishi helps you to calm your mind and feel more centered throughout your day.
More energy
A gold standard (double-blind, placebo controlled, human) clinical trial of a daily dose of reishi extract for 12 weeks concluded it can help reduce fatigue and improve quality of life.

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Frequently Asked

There is a synergistic blend of reishi, tulsi (holy basil), ashwagandha and b6 for a sense of calm.
That’s called a desiccant. It’s in there to absorb moisture and keep your capsules dry and potent for up to 2 years!
Yes, the bottle is recyclable. :)
In order to deliver effective benefits, the serving size is 3 capsules. This ensures you get ~1500mg of functional ingredients per serving.
Our recommendation is to take 3 capsules from one supplement at a time. After a few days to a few weeks, if you want additional benefits offered from another one of our capsules, you can begin to add in a full serving of that into your daily routine as well. Always check in with your healthcare practitioner if you have specific health concerns before taking any supplements, including Four Sigmatic Mushroom Complex Capsules.
We recommend taking the Calm Capsules in the morning or night.
A dry and cool space.
A relaxed state of mind.

We'll reach out when this item is back

All you have to do is enter your email address and you'll automatically receive an alert once this product is restocked.