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Boost High Caf Ground Coffee Bag

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ENERGY IN A CUPGive yourself a pick-me-up the smart way with L-Theanine and cordyceps plus organic coffee and coffee bean extract for an extra boost of energy.
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    Extra boost of energy
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    A clearer mind
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    Long-term positive mood
RoastDark Roast
Tasting NotesNotes of chocolate & nuts
Caffeine LevelHigh caf*
UsagePre-ground and ready to use in a drip coffee maker, French press, or pour-over
Organic dark roast Arabica coffee and coffee bean,
Organic dark roast Arabica coffee and coffee bean

Our high-altitude Honduran beans have rich notes of chocolate and nuts for a smooth drinking experience. We know that some days we need a little something extra so we add in organic coffee extract too for extra caffeine.* It tastes like coffee because it is coffee. *Added caffeine from coffee bean extract. High caffeine compared to Four Sigmatic Think Organic Ground Coffee.

Organic green tea (L-Theanine),
Organic green tea (L-Theanine)

An amino acid naturally found in green tea helps for a more smooth, focused energy to help balance out the extra caffeine.

Organic cordyceps
Organic cordyceps

These mighty mushrooms are known for their support of energy and endurance. Our cordyceps are vegan and organically grown with no mycelium or filler grains to ensure the highest level of quality.

Organic dark roast Arabica coffee and coffee bean,Organic green tea (L-Theanine),Organic cordyceps
Boost_Coffee_Ground_TopDown-1.jpgBoost Coffee Ground TopDown-1
USDA OrganicUSDA Organic
NO toxinsNO toxins
No SugarNo Sugar

Extra boost of energy

A clearer mind

Long-term positive mood

Boost Ground Glamour Shot
Cordyceps fuels both your body and brain to clear out the cobwebs so you can get more done. No more foggy feeling, just clarity and a boost.
Boost Ground Glamour Shot
Boost Ground Glamour Shot
Boost Ground Glamour Shot
Boost Ground Glamour Shot
Boost Ground Glamour Shot
Boost Ground Glamour Shot
Boost Ground Glamour Shot
Boost Ground Glamour Shot
Boost Ground Glamour Shot

Extra boost of energy

Whether your to-do list is a mile long or you have to get up earlier than usual, this cup will get you extra energized and ready for wherever the day takes you.
Product Quality
Organic coffee beans
Real lion's mane, cordyceps, turkey tail, or reishi mushroom
No mycelium, no filler grains
Tested for toxins
Organic certified
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Frequently Asked
How much caffeine is in this coffee?
With the added coffee bean extract, about 190 per 12 oz cup
What is L-Theanine?
L-Theanine is an amino acid naturally occurring in nature. L-Theanine helps to balance out your caffeine surge. We extract it from green tea, where it pairs wonderfully with caffeine for that smooth energy you feel with tea.
Is this a coffee-free coffee alternative?
No! We proudly use USDA organic dark roast Honduran coffee in this coffee.
Is this tested for toxins?
Yes, every batch is tested in 3rd party labs for heavy metals, mycotoxins, mold, yeast and pesticides.
What coffee maker does this work with?
Boost Organic Coffee can be brewed in a traditional drip coffee maker, French Press, or pour over. You can use these grinds to make espresso, however, you may need to grind them to a finer consistency at home first!
Why Four Sigmatic?
We infuse functional mushrooms into everyday products you love, to enrich your mind and your well-being. Think lion’s mane for focus, cordyceps for energy, or reishi for a sense of calm. Our brews, blends, and powders get you in a good headspace so you can focus on what matters most. We're committed to always giving you delicious, quality organic ingredients (no filler grains, no mycelium!) so you see results in as little as seven days, at a great value. But don't just take our word for it. Read one of the 40,000+ reviews!
Does this taste like mushrooms?
Nope. It tastes like coffee because it IS coffee.
Are these magic mushrooms?
Some people may call the way they make you feel magic, but these are not psychedelic mushrooms.
What does mental wellness mean for Four Sigmatic?
Mental wellness affects every aspect of your life. And we're not just talking about brain health. A healthy and balanced state of mind allows you to face everyday ups and downs with clarity and resilience. That’s why our Four Sigmatic functional mushroom products are expertly crafted to enrich your mind and your well-being. Focus, energy, balance, calm—our blends bring the benefits.