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Happy Gut Organic Herbal Tea

Mood De-stress Nourish
Pack Size

Organic ginger and lemon herbal tea powered by turkey tail mushroom and probiotics for a happy gut that tastes delicious.

  • Smooth digestion
  • Daily immune support
  • Stress relief
Caffeine Level Caffeine Free
Tasting Notes A strong ginger tea with a touch of lemon
Usage Instant, dissolves in hot or cold water
When to consume Morning or mid-afternoon
Organic log-grown turkey tail fruiting body extract,
Organic log-grown turkey tail fruiting body extract

This mighty wood-grown mushroom has prebiotics and research to support smooth digestion, one sip at a time. We extract our turkey tail from log-grown fruiting bodies: fully organic, with no fillers, grains or carriers.

Heat-resistant probiotics,
Heat-resistant probiotics

The only probiotic we trust in our coffee because these 1 billion CFU of Bacillus subtilis (DE111®) will survive 5 minutes in boiling water, dissolves easily in water and are heavily researched.

Organic yacon juice powder,
Organic yacon juice powder

This powerful Peruvian tuber is prebiotic-rich and supports a healthy microbiome so your gut can do its thing.

Organic ginger root
Organic ginger root

Aside from its great flavor, organic ground ginger powder has extensive traditional use to support digestion so you can skip the mid-day bloat.

USDA Organic
No Sugar
Tested for toxins
Gut health Immune support Digestive wellness
Gut health
This formula combines a powerhouse of 4 gut-supporting ingredients: warming ginger root, prebiotic rich turkey tail mushroom extract and yacon juice powder, plus 1 billion CFU of heat-resistant probiotics to ensure your microbiome is holistically supported.
Immune support
In addition to helping with your gut microbiome, turkey tail mushroom extract is loaded with prebiotic fiber that helps feed the probiotics (good bacteria) in your gut. And ~70% of our immune system is located in our gut, so a healthy microbiome equals a strong immune system.
Digestive wellness
Your digestive system is your second brain, with 100 million nerve cells that link our brain and our gut. So when your digestion runs smoothly, so does your thought process. Healthy gut, healthy mind.

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Frequently Asked

The main ingredient is ginger root with a sidekick of turkey tail mushroom and Bacillus subtilis DE111 probiotics. This product tastes like a delicious punch of ginger, not like mushrooms!
Functional Mushrooms are considered adaptogens, and adaptogens can affect every person differently. While some people notice a difference right away, it may take time to build up in another person's system enough to have a noticeable effect.
Yes! We use organic monk fruit extract which creates a slightly sweet tea with 0g added sugar.
If you love hot tea, mix ¾ tsp with 8 fl. oz. hot water, stir, and enjoy. Prefer it iced? Mix ¾ tsp with 6 fl. oz. warm water, and add ice. No tea bags and no steeping required.
The shelf life of our products is between 1-3 years depending on the product! Check the bottom of the bag for a specific expiration date.
Digestive wellness, immune support, and gut health! (And who doesn’t need more of that).

We'll reach out when this item is back

All you have to do is enter your email address and you'll automatically receive an alert once this product is restocked.