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Keep Calm and Mushroom On

Adaptogen Blend

Caffeine Free
30 servings per container
Say hello to our Adaptogen Blend, which helps your body adapt to just about anything. Adaptogens are superfoods that help your body adapt to occasional stress and find balance. So whether you need a pick-me-up or a put-me-gently-down, this spicy, earthy blend will add much needed zen to your life. Now in a 30 serving tin!
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Balance with Super Shroom & Herbs

Imagine never having to pull jar after jar of superfood powders from your kitchen cupboard again. Now, all you need is just one tin of our high-powered Adaptogen Blend that features 1600mg most widely researched adaptogens. Adapt-o-what?? Adaptogens are naturally occurring, non-toxic substances that can help protect your body from stress by stabilizing and optimizing a host of physiological functions. Rather than serving a single targeted purpose, an adaptogen will (ahem) adapt its healing properties to whatever your body specifically needs at a given time. Adaptogens are safe for long-term use, and non-habit forming, so sip any time of day!

From Our Forest Farm to Your Cup

From Our Forest Farm to Your Cup

  • Blend 1 teaspoon into your favorite hot drink, juice, smoothie
  • Add to recipes like soups, chocolate desserts, or overnight oats
  • Try our get well mocktail: Blend it with hot water, lemon, and honey
  • Sip day or night
  • A little goes a long way
  • Vegan, paleo, caffeine-free
  • Each tin has 30 servings

Mix. Sip. Balance.


Ginger Root Powder (167mg per serving)

This dried root powder not only boasts an amazing flavor but also supports digestion.

Reishi Extract (200mg per serving)

Our linden log-grown red reishi mushroom (ganoderma lucidum) supports occasional stress and promotes restful sleep. Made by extracting the fruiting bodies, our extracts are always organic, non-GMO, and free from fillers and carriers.

Cordyceps Sinensis Mycelium Extract (200mg per serving)

Studied for its energy and endurance supporting properties, our Cordyceps elixir is made by extracting the fruiting bodies of the Cordyceps sinensis mushroom. (We don’t use the infamous Cordyceps derived from caterpillars in our production methods, and our product is suitable for vegans.)

Asian (Panax) Ginseng (200mg per serving)

Used for thousands of years in Eastern medicine, asian ginseng or panax ginseng is known to help promote and sustain natural energy levels and supports occasional stress. As a fun fact, the English word "ginseng" derives from the Chinese term renshen. Ren means "person" and shen means "plant root", which makes sense as the root looks a little bit like the legs of a person.

Ashwagandha (200mg per serving)

Known as one of the most powerful herbs in Ayurvedic healing, ashwagandha has been used since ancient times for a wide variety of conditions, including supporting occasional stress and addressing symptoms of fatigue.

Amla (200mg per serving)

Superfruit amla could have anti-aging properties. Amla is derived from a small tree native to the Indian subcontinent that produces plum-sized yellow fruit with vitamin C.

Schisandra (200mg per serving)

Often referred to as the beauty adaptogen, schisandra is also known called wu wei zi, which means the fruit of the five flavors, and the name has been given for good reason. Its flavor is reported to deliver 5 experiences: sour, sweet, salty, bitter and pungent, all in the same taste experience, invigorating your body.

Tulsi (200mg per serving)

For more than 5,000 years, tulsi – also known as “Holy Basil”, "The Incomparable One", and "Elixir of Life" – has been revered as one of the most sacred herbs in India, particularly for its ability to support glowing skin, hair, and nails.

Gynostemma (200mg per serving)

Gynostemma is a green leafy herb, often referred to as "immortality tea", which helps to support your immune system and energy production.

Turmeric Powder (167mg per serving) and Black Pepper (67mg per serving)

The golden spice, turmeric is rich in antioxidant properties. We also add black pepper to Adaptogen Blend because it helps with the absorption of turmerics main antioxidant: curcumin.

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The term ‘superfood’ may be prone to exaggeration but I can honestly say that Four Sigmatic adaptogens and mushroom blends have been an integral and instrumental component of my success equation. Also a crucial and easy way to stay on top of my performance nutrition when traveling!”

Rich Roll - Ultra-endurance triathlete & author

Keep Calm and Mushroom On

Adaptogen Blend

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