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*We require a 3 shipment minimum—swap, skip, add or remove at any time. This ensures we can give you our best price and means you get to fully experience the benefits of daily 'shrooms. However, if you cancel before you’ve received 3 shipments, you’ll be charged the full product price.



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Will I receive 20% off and free shipping on all orders?

All subscription orders qualify for 20% off, no matter the size of the order. All US Member orders ship for free, and Canadian Member orders must meet the $100 order minimum to receive free shipping.

Do I need to spend $100 to receive free shipping?

All US Member orders ship for free. Canadian Member orders must meet the $100 order minimum to receive free shipping. Because we are shipping across the US border into Canada, we are unable to offer free shipping at this time. We suggest placing larger Membership orders to Canada at a longer order frequency (ie: 60 days) so as to take advantage of free shipping. The shipping fee for Member orders under $100 shipped to Canada is $13.95.

Can I change the products or frequency of my orders before I’ve received three shipments?

Yes, your subscription products can vary as much as you’d like! From within your account, you can adjust the products and quantities, as well as the frequency of deliveries at anytime.

Will I be charged a fee if I change my subscription before I’ve received three shipments?

There are no fees associated with changes made to your subscription. In fact, we like our Members to make adjustments to their subscription based on their needs, consumption rate, and unique goals.

Can I add a one time product to my next subscription order?

Yes! With the exception of swag, most products can be added to your next subscription order as a one time addition. From the 'Your Subscription' tab within your account, click the 'add' button under any given product. From there you'll see the option to add as a one time purchase in the pop out window on the right hand side of the screen.

Is there a fee to sign up for the Mushroom Membership?

No, there are no fees associated with enrolling.

Can I join the Mushroom Membership if I live outside of the US?

Yes! The Mushroom Membership is available in the US, and Canada as well!

Are all products available in the Mushroom Membership program?

Yes, most products are available for subscription with the exception of swag, books and the Mushroom Chocolate.

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