The Team

We’re shroomates™, mothers, foragers, and ice hockey enthusiasts—dedicated to sharing our super(food) secrets with friends like you in over 65 countries.

Four Sigmatic team
Mushroom Mobile Mauri

Mauri 🚌


I travel coast-to-coast with my travel buddy Bryce to bring Everyday Magic™ right to you. In my former life I toured musicians around the country, but now I’ll teach you everything functional superfoods and mushrooms have to offer. I’m stocked with plenty of mushroom cups to serve you tasty drinks from, the mushroom night light on, and mushroom wall hooks waiting for your jacket, and I’m always ready to hit the open road. ‘Shroom ‘Shroom!

Maisa the scooter

Maisa 🛵

The Mushroom Scooter

I'm Mauri's sister, and you'll see me cruising around LA with my BFF Bryce Summer 2021! I was born in Singapore, moved to LA this year. I speak Mandarin, Finnish, and English. I never skip my breakfast of Mushroom Coffee with an extra scoop of Adaptogen Blend (LA traffic is stressful!), and a boost of electricity to fuel my day. Shroom ... wait in traffic ... Shroom ....


Aaron ☀️

Membership Concierge

Originally from St. Louis, I now live by the beach in Venice where I feel so lucky to share holistic wellness with my ‘Shroom community. I love family time, sunshine, biking up the coast, singing loudly, eating delicious things and drinking as much Lion’s Mane as possible.


Aja 🎧

Executive Assistant

Born, raised, and forever in love with my diverse, artistic and chill community of Long Beach, CA. I am honored to be the mother of 3 gorgeous human beings, the partner to a brilliant writer - all of whom are required to dance-sing-rap along to my eclectic music choices at any given moment! Secret DJ by night, mushroom Elixir mixer by day.


Amy 🙋‍♀️

Vice President of Sales

I am a recent transplant to Southern California after 20 years in the Tar Heel state. I love the sunshine, the beach, nearby mountains, and active lifestyle.  I spend my free time baking, hiking, or playing tennis. I professionally grew up in Big CPG, but moved to the natural, organic and wellness world over a decade ago. I like to start each day with a cup of Lion's Mane coffee before I turn on the lights.


Briana 🕺

Senior Customer Support Manager

Connecting with others and geeking out over health, wellness and mushrooms is my thing. I'm also always doing whatever I can to keep our customers happy, even if that involves suiting up in my jetpack and hand delivering a package across the globe. I’m always reading at least 4 books at once, and can’t live without hiking or cilantro.


Brit 👣

VP of People & Strategic Planning

I’m California born and grown, with some short stints in Costa Rica, Ecuador, and UK. I feel my best outdoors—in the ocean or the mountains—where you can find me surfing, rock climbing, snowboarding, or camping. Mushroom Cacao with Reishi is my fav drink, obsessed with anything matcha, and found randomly breaking into half moon pose.


Brittany 🔥

Natural/ Specialty Sales Manager

Homegrown Missouri farm girl turned Los Angeles native. My childhood chores consisted of feeding the chickens and letting the horses out to pasture. I love hiking and anything forest related, expensive grocery stores, sushi and people with wellness oriented lifestyles. Couldn’t live outside a major city but can’t live without a monthly trip to the mountains.


Bryce 👁

Captain of Vibes

I was born and raised in the Reno/Tahoe basin. I am an artist, I grew up in a family of artists. I love everything that has to do with nature and color. I was raised on snow skiing and mountain air in the winter. Then during the summer I was total lake rat. You would only find me in the water or behind a boat wakeboarding or water skiing. For the last six years I have been on a healing journey from a traumatic accident that changed the course of my life. Mushrooms along with plant medicine have played a major role in my recovery process. I feel very blessed to work with this company and to be a part of the mushroom movement.


Charlie 🚵‍♂️

Membership Concierge

I was born and raised with the cows in Wisconsin but can now be found mountain biking and searching for all the good pizza around my new home in Oregon. Winter is my favorite season! I love chatting with our customers about functional foods. I'm beyond grateful for mother nature and always finding new ways to play outside. You will never find me without a box of Chaga in my backpack!


Colby 🎲

Supply Chain Manager

I’m constantly working to help turn our concepts into reality. I’m an adrenaline junkie and competitive by nature. When not working, you’ll find me drinking Cordyceps and playing sports.


Colin 🐍

Social Media Manager

I was born and raised in New England and now call sunny San Diego home (still don't miss those Boston winters). When I'm not posting about or enjoying some functional foods myself, you can typically find me hiking, cooking, or outside foraging whatever I can find. I've always been interested in functional medicine and its powerful effect on our bodies, so you can imagine how excited I am that I get to talk about them every single day at Four Sigmatic! Fun fact - I studied vocal performance in college (specifically opera) and give a mean Don Giovanni performance. My favorite Four Sigmatic product has to be our Cordyceps Elixir - perfect for a pre-run ritual!

Connie 🌼

Social Media Coordinator

If you’re wondering what I’m doing, I’m likely in LA trying to find something amazing to eat or plotting what I want to cook up next. I find joy in strolling the aisles of grocery stores, being active and being outside in the natural world! Mushrooms have had a huge presence in my family and I love that this is now my 9-5


Danielle 👩‍🍳

Omni-Channel Education Manager

California roots, Colorado based, and an international soul. As a Registered Herbalist (AHG), Holistic Nutritionist, and Instructor of Mycology, my passions all blossom from the natural world. I believe fungi are the most important teachers on our planet, silently guiding us towards a world of more connection with each other, the earth, and the answers we need to solve many of Earth’s problems. In my free time, you can find me anywhere outside—whether under the sun or stars, summer heat or winter snow. I’ll either be gardening, cooking plant-based recipes, rock climbing, hiking, skiing, surfing, or scuba diving. My favorite color yellow sums me up: full of fire, bright as light, and brimming with energy. You can read my full bio here.


Desiree 🎤

Operations Manager

Originally from Peru and growing up with a variety of superfoods, I was destined to work in the natural foods industry. I went to school in New York City and eventually moved to sunny California where I have been managing food manufacturing for many years. I'm passionate about creating functional foods and as an avid tea drinker, my favorite drink is the Matcha Latte with Lion’s Mane. My favorite hobbies are swimming and singing in addition to spending quality time with my husband and daughter where movie night and sushi are our go-to activity.


Elizabeth 📝

Senior Consumer Engagement Manager

1 of very few people born in Wyoming, I now call Denver home. Trained as a Registered Dietitian, I fell down the content marketing rabbit hole, and haven't looked back. I believe in using our words and actions to help create a better food system, reading as much as possible, and breaking really good sourdough bread with friends. Odds are I'm currently listening to a podcast, trying to keep crumbs off my keyboard, and sippin' 'shrooms.

Jason 🏎

Vice President of Omni-Channel Marketing

Born and raised in coastal Connecticut, a Virginia Tech Hokie grad, and now a transplant in the beautiful Raleigh, NC area with my wonderful wife, two girls and two Vizslas. I’ve spent my career loving all things marketing and digital across the entertainment, travel, retail, tech, agriculture and now the wellness space. In my free time, my wife and I pretend to be Chip and Joanna Gaines with our never ending DIY Projects (demo day rocks). We love to cook up a storm, go on long walks, eat clean and workout daily for our well being. I also have a huge affinity for cars. My new obsession is ending my day with our Reishi Cacao to relax.


JD 👹

Director of Brand

Raised in the never-ending winters of upstate New York, I eventually sought the yearlong warmth and sunshine of California. After a decade in San Diego and a spell in San Francisco, I'm now raising my baby girl in Tucson with my incredible wife Lauren. I live and breathe (and drink) all things brand, especially our Golden Latte – a nightly ritual in our home.


Jennifer 👻

Staff Accountant - AP

Born and raised in California, Los Angeles is my home with my husband, our two daughters and our two Labs. When not working you will find me playing soccer with my kids, watching the newest horror movies and listening to true crime podcasts.


Jeremy 🚀

Chief Financial Officer

A lifelong nerd who is proud to boast sarcasm as my love language, I have long sought to merge my twin passions of business optimization and nutrient-dense foods. My fondness for our Peanut Butter Protein is surpassed only by my love of EBITDA growth. When not at work I am serving at the pleasure of my wife and daughters who run our happy home.


John 🦍

Chief Operations Officer

Born in the tundra of Upstate NY I've been blessed to visit/live in more than half the states in the US and a few other countries before landing in sunny Florida. When I'm not looking for ways to best get our customers the nicest experience and highest quality with our products, I can be found in the kitchen or outside, working on whipping myself back into shape for some triathlon events.


Juho 🃏

Creative Funguy

Loving everything visual and design related. Being able to use my skills to make this world a better place is a huge aspect for me and it doesn't hurt to do it with this amazing gang. I currently divide my time with creating and being a loving daddy with occasional gym flexing and street balling.


Kathleen 🏔

Customer Support Manager

Originally from Missouri, I moved west to Colorado after a thru hike on the Appalachian Trail made it impossible to be away from the mountains. With a degree in Nutrition & Exercise Physiology, I love geeking out about the potential of the human body. I’ve spent my career in customer success in the wellness industry and love empowering others to live their best life. When I’m not sipping on Lion’s Mane, you can find me hiking, camping, and frolicking in the mountains with my husband, and lion dog.



Customer Support Representative

Born in California, but I am a Texas girl at heart. Living my best life with my wolf pack (husband, toddler, newborn, and pup) in Austin, Texas. Getting outside and our hands dirty every chance we can. Need a coffee buddy? I'm your gal!


Kelly 🦒

Senior Retail Marketing Manager

I was born and raised in Kansas and moved out to Southern California after college due to my love of the sun and ocean. I currently reside in Orange County with my husband and 2 kids. I love being outside, active & cooking. I enjoy a long run, hiking, yoga and Crossfit. You can usually find me at the beach on the weekends. I have a passion for sharing new products with consumers and educating them on the benefits. I love introducing consumers to Four Sigmatic at events and in accounts and seeing their reaction when they try new items.


Kristy 😻

Wholesale Manager

As a native Austinite (Texan) I have now made peace with winter and consider MN my new home. One way I keep balance in my life is to keep my camera close at hand to capture the beautiful wildlife that abounds here. I love taking walks in nature, filling up my bird feeders, reading Rumi, hugging Angel my 17-year-old kitty, and of course drinking my morning cup of Chaga Elixir.


Lauren 🙃

Customer Support Representative

As a New Yorker I’m always searching for calm amongst the chaos. I love spending time with family and can always be found close to home. On Summer weekends I often escape to the Adirondacks with my paddleboard to connect with nature. Functional mushrooms and herbs have become an integral part of my life, especially Reishi mushroom and Tulsi which are a must to keep me feeling calm. I also make an exceptional oat milk matcha latte with cinnamon to kickstart the morning followed by a rebounder workout. I have a passion for helping others and enjoy listening to customer experiences, educating and sharing our world of ‘shrooms and adaptogens.


Leanne 🤗

Accounts Receivable Specialist

Multi-citizen and travel lover. I was born in England, moved to Canada, and reside in Cali. I’m passionate about all things wellness and personal development. When I’m not spending time with family, you can find me creating, reading, and living an active lifestyle.


Lily 🧩

Senior Retention Manager

I'm a native New Yorker turned California girl who loves hats, baking birthday cakes for my friends, and solving crossword puzzles. I'm easily distracted by food and always, always use Oxford commas. My husband Jon and I currently live in San Francisco, where you'll find us hiking, urban foraging, and binge watching TV series cozied up with a mug of Reishi Cacao mix.


Markus 🌪

Executive Director

An active reishi drinker who enjoys all things marketing. Also referred to as a computer wizard, but still denying being one. Loving the idea to make mushroom drinking cool, which these ingredients totally deserve. Nothing beats great coffee and relaxing weekend getaways (yup, I am based in NYC). My two best friends are my barely working camera, and worn out meditation pillow.


Megan 🏕️

Senior Accountant

Growing up mostly in North Carolina, I realized the blue ridge mountains were not quite big enough, and found my way over to a small mountain town in Colorado at 7,000 ft elevation. I enjoy hiking, camping, rafting, mountain biking, downhill and backcountry skiing right in my backyard! When I'm not in the great outdoors, you can find me cuddling my border collie mutt Bailey, and dominating my husband and friends at board game nights.


Mikael 🐂

Executive Director

I was born and raised in Finland, however, my dark pigment comes from my African-born dad. My biggest passions are sports, traveling, health food and world politics. Specifically ice hockey, rugby and tennis are close to my heart and I'm always ready for a burpee challenge. At Four Sigmatic, I'm most proud of being able to help people with our products whether it's smaller things like sleep problems or more severe health problems like brain related challenges or auto-immune issues. I could hang out in health food stores all day long, even though consumer shows are at the top of my best work tasks. Outside of the USA, work usually brings me to Canada, The UK or Scandinavia. Come and say hi if you see me around, and you might be lucky to get a free product as I always carry one!


Morgan ⚡️

Membership Concierge Lead

Northeast Kingdom Vermont native turned Earth wandering modern gypsy mama. I consider myself a truth seeker, a student of everything Wellness, and a vanlifer on the side. I'm especially fond of cold plunges, grass fed butter mashups (with 'shrooms!), and lacto-fermented pickles. Always on a superhero mission for Special Operations Earth.


Morgan 🦋

E-Commerce Coordinator

Born and raised in Missouri, but currently planting my roots in Denver, Colorado. The mountains called me here & I love to live an active lifestyle, so in my free time you can find me skiing, hiking, or camping! My true passion is to travel, so I am on the go any chance I get. I have five fur babies (and counting) who keep me busy at home. My new motto- “It’s a great day to have a great day, with a cup of Lion’s Mane coffee in hand that is!”


Natalie 🔥

Quality Manager

Born and raised in Michigan, I love living in northern Michigan where you can watch the sun set and rise over Lake Michigan. It is an amazing place to be in nature and raise children. Proud mother of 4 beautiful, intelligent kids and 4 fur babies, 2 dogs and 2 cats. When not working, I love to hike, golf, camp, snowshoe, and do pretty much anything outdoors. I love to start my day with sipping on Mushroom Coffee with Lion’s Mane.


Patrick 🏕️

Director of E-Commerce

I have a love for the natural products industry as well as the DTC space. Helping brands grow online is so much fun to be a part of! My passions lie in the woods or in the kitchen. If I am not working or camping, I am cooking and enjoying Lion’s Mane coffee.


Pete 🏌️

Director of Finance & Accounting

Born and raised in LA, I have spent much of the past decade working on Wall Street in NYC and health/wellness in Santa Monica. I'm a huge sports fan - you can also find me hanging around town with family, splashing water at the pool/beach, or making bogeys at the local golf course. I recently discovered my passion for the combination of functional mushrooms and plant-based protein - cheers to living a happy and healthy life.


Peter 🏀

E-Commerce Supply Chain Specialist

Spent most of my life in Michigan (Go Spartans!) after brief stints in Connecticut and Texas. Eventually, the cold winters drove me to sunny Santa Monica! I enjoy the outdoors; you will probably see me running along trails or playing essentially any sport you can imagine. Big sneaker collector as well – have about 30 pairs in my closet alone! I love problem-solving and finding the best ways to get our customers their favorite mushroom products!


Rasmus 🎩

Director of Operations

Enjoys creating, executing and developing anything. With Four Sigmatic, I handle all things related to operations, and overseeing and handling various fields from procurement to sales campaigns. By starting as intern ("from the bottom") for the company, I've seen and experienced several aspects of the business on different levels which definitely helps out when planning further ahead. Loves all sports and will never decline a hockey game invite or shred session in the snow.


Rick 🏁

Director of Acquisition Marketing

From the NYC suburbs in Southern CT, I love a good last-minute adventure, all things motorsports, getting out on the water to fish (does it count if you don't catch?), and going high up big mountain skiing. My morning routine has become enjoying a delicious Four Sigmatic Protein shake, you know what they say, a Mushroom a day keeps the doctor away!



Senior Graphic Designer

Currently roaming the mountains of Colorado with my wolf dog, though nothing quite gets me like the smell of salty ocean air. I love a modern take on a classic font, clean lines, and anything patinated by time. When I’m not scrambling up a mountain, you’re likely to find me experimenting with gluten-free baking, with a 90’s sitcom playing in the background, and NPR on at the same time.


Roz 🍊

Brand Marketing Specialist

Born and raised in the Bay Area and now a resident of sunny Los Angeles, I am a Californian through and through. I am beyond excited by innovations in wellness and love to spread the joy of healthy living to others in my community. As an avid solo traveller, I live a colorful life of constant movement, challenge, and growth. Whether I’m on the go or lounging at home, you can always find a packet of Lion's Mane Elixir by my side!


Teri 🐻

Director of Sales

Just a small town girl…. I grew up in Rural Iowa, where my family was farm-to-table before it was cool. After college, I moved Denver, and have called it home for the past 10 years. I love our 300 days of sunshine and our bluebird skies! In my free time, you can find me sweating at hot yoga, or in a spin class, and I will never turn down an opportunity to Karaoke (or as my friends call it, Terioke).

Tero Isokauppila

Tero 🍄

Founder & Chief Executive Officer

Genetically 95.2% Nordic and 2.9% Neanderthal. Born in Finland, lived in eight countries in three continents, and currently reside in Austin, Texas. Love napping, doing yoga, hiking in the mountains, making chocolate, formulating new products, and hanging out at the Shroom Room. You can read my full bio here.



Sales Financial Analyst

Raised in Boston, I will forever remain a Celtics fan ever after moving to LA. With a degree in Mechanical Engineering from Boston University, I switched over to data analytics after 3+ years of engineering positions. I love working out, playing soccer, and meeting new people. I always have a hunger for sushi and learning new skills. If you love The Office, we’ll get along.


Vishal 🤙

Product Formulator

Creating and innovating is what I love most about my job. I get to bring our ideas to life and help find new ways to get you your daily dose of mushrooms! I’m originally from Chicago, made my way down to southern California for a little more sunshine. Ideally, I like to spend my free time outdoors, hiking or golfing. If not there, you can find me in LA these days, hangin’ out with some cool mushroom enthusiasts.

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