Santa Sold ‘Shrooms Book

The true story of Santa, revealed. Tero Isokauppila shares a bedtime story about a little girl discovering the real magical history of Santa Claus. Every page is hand illustrated, taking you on a journey through the shamanistic roots (*ahem*, mycelium) of the beloved holiday.

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Santa Sold Shrooms Book

Santa & Shrooms

Santa's Shroomy Secrets

Most of our major holidays have a very different origin story than what gets sold to us commercially. In Finland, the Sami people tell the true story of how Santa Claus got started… and it has nothing to do with sugary soda! The good news is that reindeer still do fly, stockings are hung, and pine trees decorated, all for Santa’s journey around the world. This hand-illustrated book will reawaken your family’s Christmas customs.

Santa Sold Shrooms Book

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  • “I had no idea the real story of the Sami Santa but hearing it blew me away! From the reindeer to the presents under the pine trees it’s a story everyone needs to hear!” Aaron “Jaws” | Homoki Professional Skateboarder
  • “A beautiful story unfolding new truths to the lineage of magic and wonder. This book connects the dots of the sacred past to our present understanding, and hopefully to our sacred and wise future.” Ry X | Grammy Nominated Musician
  • “The true story behind the legend of Santa Claus will bring a whole new dimension of jolly cheer to your celebration of Christmas. It’s one of the best stories you will ever get to read.” Aubrey Marcus | Founder/CEO of Onnit, New York Times Bestselling Autho

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Chelsea Yamase

Influencer, speaker & art director

Rich Roll

Ultra-endurance triathlete & author

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