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Like a sweet belly rub

Chai Latte with Turkey Tail & Reishi

Caffeine Free
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Get to the gut of the matter with turkey tail and reishi. Our lightly sweet and dairy-free chai latte supports a happy belly with gut-loving turkey tail, calming reishi, and classic carminative spices. Like a sweet belly rub, support your “second brain” with a comforting cup of classic chai!
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Guard Your Gut with Turkey Tail

No black tea here – gut-loving turkey tail (Trametes versicolor) and calming reishi take the place of caffeinated tea for a soothing caffeine-free blend that can be enjoyed anytime, anywhere. Turkey tail is one of the best mushrooms for the gut, and, when paired with soothing reishi and carminative spices like cinnamon and ginger, creates a calming blend to support occasional stress and full body well-being.

A sweet belly rub

A sweet belly rub

  • Ready to drink with hot water
  • Blend in coconut oil or ghee for an even creamier texture
  • Try iced for a cooling summer drink
  • Add to your favorite smoothie
  • Caffeine-free, vegan, and certified paleo, anyone can enjoy anytime
  • Support restful sleep with reishi
  • Sip regularly to support a happy gut


ORGANIC TURKEY TAIL MUSHROOM (Trametes versicolor) (300mg)

Our pure, wood-grown turkey tail mushroom extract is made by extracting the fruiting body of the fungi. The result is 300mg of turkey tail mushroom extract that’s organic, non-GMO, and free from fillers and carriers.

Organic Reishi Spores (200 mg)

Our reishi spores are organic, non-GMO, and free from fillers and carriers. Reishi spores are a part of the reproduction process of the reishi mushroom and play a role similar to seeds and pollen in plants.

Organic Cinnamon

Cinnamon has been eaten since at least 500 B.C and is even mentioned in the Torah. Cinnamon adds a soothing flavor and has been traditionally used to support digestion. Bonus: plenty of antioxidant properties.

Organic Ginger

Ginger has been a tonic in India and China for over 5,000 years to treat many ailments. Aside from its great flavor, organic ginger powder has extensive traditional use to support digestion, which clinical trials are now supporting, especially for nausea.

Organic Clove

Clove has been used for thousands of years to support your body. Clove could possess antioxidant properties.

Organic Cardamom

Along with cinnamon, ginger, and clove, cardamom has been used for centuries to support digestion and calm the gut. Native to Indonesia, chewing on cloves is a natural breath freshener.

Organic Stevia

We add a pinch of stevia leaf extract for calorie-free sweetness to round out the flavor. Our stevia is a high-quality concentrated extract without the common metallic aftertaste.

Organic Coconut Palm Sugar

We add just a little sweetness with organic coconut palm sugar that’s a mineral-rich alternative to refined sugars. It is made by boiling down the sap of the coconut palm, the “maple syrup of the tropics.”

Organic Coconut Milk Powder

Our coconut milk powder is sourced from Cocos nucifera, called the “Tree of Life” in Southeast Asia. Our organic coconut milk powder adds the perfect creamy consistency for extra indulgence that can be enjoyed by anyone, anytime.

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A Mushroom for the Extra Mile

The term ‘superfood’ may be prone to exaggeration but I can honestly say that Four Sigmatic adaptogens and mushroom blends have been an integral and instrumental component of my success equation. Also a crucial and easy way to stay on top of my performance nutrition when traveling!”

Rich Roll | Ultra-endurance triathlete & author

Like a sweet belly rub

Chai Latte with Turkey Tail & Reishi

This product is SOLD OUT.
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