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"I am absolutely obsessed with functional mushrooms."

"I add them to my smoothies, I make hot tea and I even sneak them into my oatmeal. My favorite is the Golden Latte. It's so good to wind down with. If I'm being honest I also can't live without the Mushroom Hot Cacao"

Lauryn Evarts


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Medium, smooth, instant half caffeine coffee to Think

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Scientifically speaking, this is pretty much magic

Four Sigmatic is a science-y way of saying “really good for you”. We turned the planet’s most astoundingly nutrient-dense ingredients into things you’ll love having every day. They’re our wildest dreams, crafted for your kitchen counter.

Reviews from people who don't normally write reviews

“8 Best Instant Coffee Brands, Tested by Food Network Kitchen”

The coffee is full-bodied and smooth, with no mushroom flavor, and a packet has about half the caffeine of a regular cup, so you get all of the enjoyment with no jitters or crash.

Food Network


Oprah Daily

Dr. Mark Hyman

Physician and New York Times bestselling author

Chelsea Yamase

Influencer, speaker & art director

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Feel the difference or it’s free


Feel the difference or it’s free

We put our money where our benefits are. That’s how much we believe in our product. And if you’re not into it - totally fine. More for us.

morning coffee


A better way to power up.

Coffee and Lions Mane get your brain going. Chaga can keep the stomach calm and the body well. No more sacrificing your afternoon for your morning.

Four Sigmatic

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