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I absolutely love all of the mushroom coffees and elixirs! Caffeine-free and coffee-based options mean that there is literally a blend for any time of day. I enjoy the mushroom + coffee blends in the morning and often sip relaxing (and sleep promoting) reishi in the evening before bed.

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Ground Mushroom Coffee<br> with Lion’s Mane &amp; Chaga image
Ground Mushroom Coffee
with Lion’s Mane & Chaga

Brew this coffee to support productivity, focus, and creativity. It’s the perfect to kickstart your morning and power through your workday.

Mushroom Hot Cacao<br>With Reishi image
Mushroom Hot Cacao
With Reishi

Unwind in the afternoon or evening with this hot cacao to support occasional stress and restful sleep. An upgrade on guilt-free hot chocolate.

Mushroom Matcha<br>With Lion's Mane &amp; Ginger image
Mushroom Matcha
With Lion's Mane & Ginger

This matcha contains that organic, ceremonial grade good stuff with a powerful dose of our brain-hugging lion’s mane mushroom and ginger.

Lion's Mane Elixir image
Lion's Mane Elixir

This elixir is the pencil sharpener for the digital age—allowing you to be “on point” as you put your mind to the next task.

Mushroom Coffee with Cordyceps image
Mushroom Coffee with Cordyceps

In case coffee doesn’t pump you up enough, how about coffee paired with one of the most energy-supporting mushrooms on the planet?

Chaga Elixir image
Chaga Elixir

This elixir is packed with antioxidant properties that support your daily wellness, energy levels, and help to protect your immune functions.

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Enhance your daily routine by mixing up a Mushroom Coffee to start your morning, sip a Mushroom Matcha in the afternoon, and then unwind in the evening with a Mushroom Hot Cacao.

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