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These days, it’s not enough to reach the status quo – high achievers like you are driven to surpass it. As a result we’re relying on coffee more than ever, so much so that the current trends look somewhat scary: high-caffeine products, like nitro coffees that contain +200 mg of caffeine per serving—it’s nuts! After one, you’re on fire, but just two hours later you lose focus as the caffeine overwhelms you. What do you do next? You drink another cup to get over the slump.

The truth is, coffee alternatives like matcha are not getting enough airtime. Like Tim, I discovered matcha while living in Asia. Thanks to its lower caffeine content and levels of the amino acid L-theanine, matcha provides just enough stimulation to feel productive—but with more balanced energy. But, for many coffee drinkers plain matcha isn’t a powerful enough alternative. Which is why, when we created our Mushroom Matcha, we added the most popular functional mushroom for productivity—lion’s mane. A favorite among buddhist monks to promote focus before meditation, and entrepreneurs in high-demand environments.

Many of my coffee-drinking friends who have replaced a cup of coffee with our Matcha have seen incredible results. Replace just one cup of coffee a day with our Mushroom Matcha—you won’t regret it.

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Free Your Mind. sip
in the morning or
the afternoon.


  • Get a powerful dose (1,000 mg per serving) of our brain-hugging and properly extracted lion’s mane mushroom.
  • Slightly bitter, without a trace of mushroom taste.


  • Curb your coffee consumption while upping your energy.
  • Matcha is ideal for sipping morning and afternoon.
  • Amino acid L-theanine delivers a feeling of balanced energy for your whole body.
  • The adaptogen astragalus supports your body from occasional stress.

Drink this way

  • Drink in the morning to start your day.
  • Sip in the afternoon to give your brain a hug.
  • Add your nut milk of choice for a touch of sweetness.

“The ‘Shroom Boom:
Will Trendy Medicinal Mushrooms
Go Mainstream In 2018?”

The shroomers have spoken! +10,000 verified customer reviews


Buddhist monks have long relied on Lion's Mane mushroom to promote better focus during meditation.

We think their silence speaks volumes.

20 servings
Ingredients: Organic Matcha, Organic Lion’s Mane, Organic Astragalus, Organic Ginger
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Wow, bought this on a whim and didn't think much about it until I had a cup and now I'm hooked. It gives me the same lift as a cup of coffee but without any upset stomach or jitters. Just a very smooth, awake feeling.

Ashley R. Verified Buyer


I was skeptical to purchase, I love my ceremonial Matcha and didn't think it could be improved upon, However Four Sigmatic did just this! This is the BEST Matcha I've ever had, I will continue to purchase this product and tell all my Matcha friends to do so also, I'd give this 10 stars if available ❤

Tammie R. Verified Buyer


I'm a Lion's Mane fan, and mixing it with matcha makes me very happy.I use slightly more water than the box suggests without adding any milks or sweeteners. I'll be buying another tin before this one runs empty!

Trevor L. Verified Buyer

Enjoy 20 matcha-filled mornings, risk free.

If you’re not a fan, we’ll offer a full refund.


At Four Sigmatic, we believe in the real magic of functional mushrooms like Reishi, Chaga, Cordyceps, and Lion's Mane - as well as other superfoods and adaptogens like hodiola, eleuthero, and schisandra.

We aim to make these incredibly powerful foods taste delicious, so you can make a habit of it, and live healthier, more enhanced lives.

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