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The True
Story Of Santa,

While you hang your stockings, have you considered how Santa got to be the jolly old speed gifter he is? Tero Isokauppila shares a bedtime story about a little girl discovering the real magical history of Santa Claus.

Connect with Christmas'
Mystic Roots

Reawaken your family’s Christmas customs with this heartwarming, true tale. Every page is hand illustrated, taking you on a journey through the shamanistic roots (*ahem*, mycelium) of the beloved holiday.

Discover the truth about:

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How reindeer
fly through the sky

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Who first hung
stockings by the fire

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What made pine trees a quintessential part of holiday preparation

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Why elves got roped
into the scheme.

Hint: A mushroom plays an unexpected, key role in the beloved tale


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"Of all the beings in the world the mushroom is the wisest of us all. Anyone seeking knowledge and greater understanding of self will find this book inspirational."

Singer, Musician, Actor and Comedian
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Ry X

“A beautiful story unfolding new truths to the lineage of magic and wonder. This book connects the dots of the sacred past to our present understanding, and hopefully to our sacred and wise future.”

Grammy Nominated Musician
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"Reading this feels like experiencing the magic of Christmas all over again. Bring on the holidays; Santa was a mushroom shaman."

Founding member of The Glitch Mob
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“Our family loved this fascinating look into the history of some of the most beloved Christmas traditions; including why Santa comes down a chimney, leaves gifts in stockings and even the reason for the Christmas tree!”

Founder of
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“I had no idea the real story of the Sami Santa but hearing it blew me away! From the reindeer to the presents under the pine trees it’s a story everyone needs to hear!”

Professional Skateboarder
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“The origin story in Santa Sold Shrooms does not disappoint. It reads so mystical and far-fetched from what we’re taught here in the States that it must be true!”

The Paleo Chef and CEO/Founder of PhatFudge
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“The true story behind the legend of Santa Claus will bring a whole new dimension of jolly cheer to your celebration of Christmas. It’s one of the best stories you will ever get to read.”

Founder/CEO of Onnit, New York Times Bestselling Author
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“I f***ing knew it! Jesus, Santa…it’s all about boomers! This book is f***ing awesome.”

Top-ranked Kickboxer and MMA
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"Today, billions of people believe and follow fairytales. Unfortunately, many of them don't make sense. But this story does! Read this book and learn more about the Sami Santa."

3x World Champion Snowboarder


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about tero

Tero is the founder of Four Sigmatic, a nature-centric Finnish-American company specializing in functional mushrooms, superfoods, and adaptogens. Professional napper, California resident, and chocolate crafter, Tero frequently channels his middle name Tapio, the Finnish god of forests, animals, and mystics. Santa Sold Shrooms is Tero’s second book.

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about juho

Artist and designer, with a weekly newspaper comic, Juho (pronounced like U-Haul, just drop the L) is an Art Director at Four Sigmatic, and co-founder of the Creative Agency Snou. His favorite Christmas tradition is to play a video game where an Italian plumber tries to collect functional mushrooms to gain super powers to better fight monsters.

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