Super Chill Coffee Pack

For the moments when you want to relax and decompress, the Super Chill Coffee Pack is here. Grab yours today to add additional chill to your life.

Pack includes: (1) Gut Health Ground Coffee with Probiotics & Turkey Tail, (1) Adaptogen Ground Coffee with Ashwagandha & Eleuthero, (1) Decaf Chill Ground Coffee with Reishi & Chaga.

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Single origin
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Probiotic Ground Coffee


Research shows our coffee’s a little bit magic

We designed this bundle to provide you with three different ways to smooth out the day. Whether that's with a cup of digestive health supporting Gut Health Ground Coffee, half-caff Adaptogen Ground Coffee, or the fully decaffeinated Decaf Chill Ground Coffee -- you'll know once you take that first sip and let out that relieved exhale.

Decaf Ground Coffee

What to expect

Perfectly balanced, so you can be too

  • Gut Health Ground Coffee is made with fair-trade coffee beans from Pacayal Coffee, a family-run farm located 5,500 feet above sea level in southwest Honduras. Contains heat-resistant Probiotics & log-grown, organic Turkey Tail mushroom for a delicious brew that’s good for (and gentle on) your stomach.
  • Adaptogen Ground Coffee pairs decaffeinated coffee from Peru with full-strength coffee from Honduras to create a lower caffeine blend. Both are from organic fair trade cooperatives located 3,900 to 5,900 feet above sea level. Contains adaptogens Ashwagandha and Eleuthero to help balance occasional stress.
  • Decaf Chill Ground Coffee is made with fair-trade coffee beans from a cooperative of small farms in Peru’s Cajamarca province, 3,900 to 5,900 feet above sea level. We use Swiss Water® Process, an organic, chemical-free process, to gently remove caffeine. Contains log-grown Reishi and sustainably wild-harvested Chaga.

“Reishi, lions mane, chaga and cordyceps mushrooms contain powerful properties”

Dr. Mark Hyman

Physician and New York Times bestselling author

Chelsea Yamase

Influencer, speaker & art director

Rich Roll

Ultra-endurance triathlete & author

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Balance Ground Coffee


Feel the difference or it’s free.

We put our money where our benefits are. That’s how much we believe in our product. And if you’re not into it—totally fine. More for us.

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Better bedtime starts with a better evening ritual. Organic cacao plus Reishi helps you leave today’s stress behind so you can feel great tomorrow.

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