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“Friendship is the hardest thing in the world to explain. It's not something you learn in school. But if you haven't learned the meaning of friendship, you really haven't learned anything.”

- Muhammed Ali




Genetically 95.2% Nordic and 2.9% Neanderthal. Born in Finland, lived in eight countries in three continents, and currently reside in Santa Monica, CA. Love napping, doing yoga, hiking in mountains, making chocolate, formulating new products, and everything about our Cancer Contribution Program. You can read my full bio here


Head of Sales


I was born and raised in Finland, however, my dark pigment comes from my African-born dad. My biggest passions are sports, traveling, health food and world politics. Specifically ice hockey, rugby and tennis are close to my heart and I'm always ready for a burpee challenge.

At Four Sigmatic, I'm most proud of being able to help people with our products whether it's smaller things like sleep problems or more severe health problems like brain related challenges or auto-immune issues.

I could hang out in health food stores all day long, even though consumer shows are at the top of my best work tasks. Outside of the USA, work usually brings me to Canada, The UK or Scandinavia. Come and say hi if you see me around, and you might be lucky to get a free product as I always carry one!




Keeping busy with startup finance, the most wonderful daughter, two disobedient dogs and sports just for fun.




An active reishi drinker who enjoys all things online marketing. Also referred to as a computer wizard, but still denying being one. Loving the idea to make mushroom drinking cool, which these ingredients totally deserve. Nothing beats great coffee and relaxing weekend getaways (yup, I am based in NYC). My three best friends are my barely working camera, way too large crock-pot and worn out yoga mat.


Customer Service Manager


Connecting with others and geeking out over health, wellness and mushrooms is my thing. I'm also always doing whatever I can to keep our customers happy, even if that involves suiting up in my jetpack and hand delivering a package across the globe. I’m always reading at least 4 books at once, and can’t live without hiking or cilantro.




Enjoys creating, executing and developing anything.

With Four Sigmatic, I handle all things related to operations, and overseeing and handling various fields from procurement to sales campaigns. By starting as intern ("from the bottom") for the company, I've seen and experienced several aspects of the business on different levels which definitely helps out when planning further ahead.

Loves all sports and will never decline a hockey game invite or shred session in the snow 




I love the world of social, photography and content creation. Hoping to spread the word and help heal humans with 'shrooms. You can find me biking around Venice, doing Acro Yoga, taking trips in my VW Vanagon & cooking delicious organic food. Oh and handstands :) every day, especially when I've been sitting at the computer a lot. 




A wild-food and natural living enthusiast who could carry the title of The World’s Slowest Eater (possibly because of my hedonistic and often quite chill approach to life). I also go by the names kitchen wizard, surfer-dude and forest man. When I’m not whipping up some new product formulations or making sure that all the Four Sigmatic ’shrooms are top-notch quality, you will most likely find me hanging from a tree or starting a fire somewhere.




Loving everything visual and design related. Being able to use my skills to make this world a better place is a huge aspect for me and it doesn't hurt to do it with this amazing gang. I currently divide my time with creating and being a loving daddy with occasional gym flexing and street balling.




I'm a precise virgo, and routines and deadlines balance my otherwise restless nature. I'm usually out and about on my spare time, enjoying urban culture, cafés, people and trying out new things. The best thing I know is summertime biking in the city. I recharge by taking long walks and cold showers - and by consuming shroomtastic beverages of course!




Penchant for problem solving, planning and analysis that aligns nicely with my role as Operations Manager at Four Sigmatic. I consider myself a process improvement ninja, I actually have a belt! When I feel like getting real nerdy I enjoy studying economics and data science. I‘m addicted to cordyceps, bone broth and fatty foods, notably avocado, nuts, bone marrow & bacon. I formerly played rugby, but now consider myself a power/speed enthusiast (Sprinting, Pushing, Pulling, and Jumping). I am Texan by birth, a Christ follower, a husband and a pet herder for our two dogs Cash and Sister and our cat Merlin. I’m blessed and very excited to help bring the power of mushrooms to the world and be a part of the great team at Four Sigmatic!




Homegrown Missouri farm girl turned Los Angeles native. My childhood chores consisted of feeding the chickens and letting the horses out to pasture. I love hiking and anything forest related, expensive grocery stores, sushi and people with wellness oriented lifestyles. Couldn’t live outside a major city but can’t live without a monthly trip to the mountains.