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The Story of The Finnish #funguys

... At that time I was also rigorously training for few marathons and ate a strict plant-based diet. To get any possible extra edge in the upcoming races I was ordering pretty much every single possible superfood I could find from the US (thanks to places like iHerb.com). I had two large bookshelves full of capsules, powder bags, and plastic tubs of very expensive shit. 

That year I really realised that:

  • Most so called "superfoods" are just bunch of hot air and snake oils 
  • Swallowing hand full of capsules every day is not fun
  • The really good superfoods taste like crap 

Deep inside I knew I was not the only one who thought like this, but that authentic well sourced superfoods could still bring a lot happiness and health to peoples lives. So my "foodpreneur gene" got switched back on and with few old friends from Finland we started building of what today is called Four Sigmatic. Ever since then our plan has been to find the world's most studied evidence-based superfoods and make their consumption easier for people. Based on the 80/20 principle we decided to focus on mushroom drinking (yes, drinking) as our first mission.

In 2012, when we launched, mushroom surely weren't the sexiest choice of business. Heck, I'm not sure if it still is... but we knew the proven health benefits they contain, and the "intelligence" they can offer. We also knew that there must be a way how we can bring these ancient superfood mushrooms to people in a way that you don't have to make massive sacrifices

We've made great progress in the last 4 years but the work of the Finnish Funguys is far from ready. There's still plenty of product innovation ahead, people to share the mushroom mission with, and cancer contribution kits to donate. But what remains the same is our passion to make rad hype-free superfoods that people can incorporate to their lives without massive hassle.

You guys are the real judges of our work quality and I want to everyone whose ever supported us. Being a small employee-owned food startup is not not always easy, so your kind words do truly help us get over the tough days. 


Tero – On behalf of all the Funguys



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