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Your favorite functional mushrooms, with a shocking 20% off and delivered to your door for free if you’re in the US. Make your daily ‘shroom habit easy and more convenient with a monthly box designed for your needs

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You’re in control of your shipments - add, remove, swap, skip or keep ‘em coming


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Signed, sealed, delivered - we’ll ship your ‘shrooms monthly or every-other-month.

20% off + free shipping

Members receive 20% off of all subscription products. If you cancel before you’ve received 3 shipments, you’ll be charged the full product price.

We require a 3 shipment minimum - swap, skip, add or remove at any time. This ensures we can give you our best price and means you get to fully experience the benefits of daily 'shrooms. Win-win.. win!

Mushroom Membership is Perfect for You if:

✅ You’re an experienced ‘shroomer

✅ You need an easier way to stick to a daily habit

✅ You love saving money

✅ You rattle off mushroom facts to anyone that will listen

✅ You need shipping boxes for your cat to play with

✅ You’re really into ethical foraging

✅ You like to B.Y.O.Tonic to coffee shops

✅ Your Instagram followers live for ‘Shroom Selfies

✅ You want to keep your pantry, glove compartment, backpack, and pocket always stocked


Get your glow on with our beautifying Mushroom Golden Latte with Shiitake & Tumeric. A full box (10 servings) is yours to enjoy when you purchase our Mushroom Face Mask & Tonic and Superfood Serum together. It’s a value of $20 and is our gift to you.

Buy now and save on our introductory offer featuring Mushroom Face Mask & Tonic and Superfood Serum, now for $105 plus Free Shipping and Free Mushroom Golden Latte ($24.95 value).

Or buy them individually, without the discount. Just add $4.95 for shipping. Mushroom Face Mask & Tonic $50; Superfood Serum $55.

And remember, if you are not completely satisfied with our products, return them within 90 days from the order date. We’ll be happy to assist you with a refund.

Every Day #OnShrooms

Drinking functional mushrooms daily has been a practice in many cultures for centuries. Our customers agree that it’s magical.

We’ve heard from thousands of you that daily use is the best way to go. Whether you’re looking to chill, energize, focus, or beautify, a monthly Mushroom Membership box will ensure you never have to skip a day.


Will I receive 20% off and free shipping on all orders?

All subscription orders qualify for 20% off plus free shipping, no matter the size nor frequency of orders.

Do I need to spend $100 to receive free shipping?

All US Member orders ship for free. Canadian Member orders must meet the $100 order minimum to receive free shipping. Because we are shipping across the US border into Canada, we are unable to offer free shipping at this time. We suggest placing larger Membership orders to Canada at a longer order frequency (ie: 60 days) so as to take advantage of free shipping. The shipping fee for Member orders under $100 shipped to Canada is $13.95.

Can I change the products or frequency of my orders before I’ve received three shipments?

Yes, your subscription products can vary as much as you’d like! From within your account, you can adjust the products and quantities, as well as the frequency of deliveries at anytime.

Will I be charged a fee if I change my subscription before I’ve received three shipments?

There are no fees associated with changes made to your subscription. In fact, we like our Members to make adjustments to their subscription based on their needs, consumption rate, and unique goals.

Is there a fee to sign up for the Mushroom Membership?

No, there are no fees associated with enrolling.

Can I join the Mushroom Membership if I live outside of the US?

Yes! The Mushroom Membership is available in the US, and Canada as well!

How long is shipping to Canada for Membership orders?

Our average shipping time to Canada is 10-15 business days.

Is the Membership product pricing for orders to Canada in USD or CAD?

All subscription product prices are listed in USD.

Do I have to pay customs fees for my Membership orders?

Customs fees may apply to any Member orders shipped to Canada. Unfortunately, we are not able to predict or prevent this fee, and the Member is responsible for all customs fees and rates.

Are all products available in the Mushroom Membership program?

Currently everything is available for subscription except for the Focus Shot and swag.

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