Tero with Shiitake


Why you need the fruiting bodies of functional mushrooms

Four Sigmatic only uses organic log-grown fruiting body extracts of functional mushrooms. This is exactly why we never use mycelium.


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Mushroom Elixir with Chaga


Your top 7 questions about Chaga answered

You asked what Chaga tastes like, and is used for, and Tero has answers.

Ground coffee lion's mane


Why am I so tired: 5 ways to stop being sleepy

Yawning all afternoon? 5 practical ways to change just that.

Protein pancakes


Plant protein pancakes

Elevate your pancakes with chef-worthy, immune-supporting plant protein. Make breakfast for 2 with a cup of Mushroom Coffee too. You can sub in gluten-free all-purpose flour if gluten-free and vegan.



Top adaptogen supplements for balance

Not sure about popping dietary supplements? Consider adding adaptogens to your routine instead.

Dr. Mark Hyman


Dr. Mark Hyman’s solutions to modern day challenges

We partnered with Dr. Mark Hyman, top functional medicine physician, to share tangible solutions to everyday challenges in this free online course.

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