Top 3 Finnish wellness secrets

Our home country of Finland is the World's Happiest Place. Just what makes Finns the happiest and healthiest? We think there are 3 key wellness secrets that all Finns practice, that you can easily add into your daily routine. Hit play to join in!

Finnish wellness secrets
  • Top 3 Finnish Wellness Secrets

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Team Four Sigmatic

Author: Team Four Sigmatic

Filmed by Juho Heinola in Lapland, January 2019. Thank you to Essi, for showing us the real Lapland. And Joe Schilling, Nick Onken, Lauryn Evarts, Michael Bosstick, Mary Shenouda, Katie Wells, Travis Brewer, Hunter Cook, Allie Michelle, Terje Haakonsen, Aaron Homoki, Andrew Sealy, Sam Kolder, Chelsea Yamase, Sarah McDaniel, Yasmine Yousaf, Jahan Yousaf, and Kassia Meador for joining us for this ride.

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