What the Heck Is a Functional Mushroom Powder Drink? Learn the Uses and Benefits

It can be a little awkward using ‘shrooms for the first time.

So, to save you the discomfort of having to admit this front of all your pals, that you’re not 100% sure how to use these mushrooms and what they do, we figured that we would just tell you how we use mushroom powders and what some of the benefits are.

What Is a Functional Mushroom Powder?

No, this isn’t magic mushroom powder. It’s also not a culinary powder made from porcini mushrooms to give that rich umami mushroom flavor to soups or risottos.

While those culinary mushroom powders you find at specialty grocery stores like Whole Foods Market certainly add an extra depth of flavor, their nutritional value is limited. Functional mushroom powders (sometimes called medicinal mushroom powders) are made from extracts of wild mushrooms.

At Four Sigmatic, we use the extracted powders of functional mushrooms like reishi, chaga, cordyceps, lion’s mane, and shiitake mushrooms. These aren’t just dehydrated fresh mushrooms. We extract the mushrooms with both hot water and alcohol to get all the beneficial compounds from the whole mushrooms. (You can read more about the whole extraction process here.)

Every single functional mushroom powder has a specific benefit. To break it down, let’s go over a day in the life using each functional mushroom.

6:00 a.m.: Cordyceps

What Is a Functional Mushroom Powder Drink? Learn the Uses and Benefits

Love an early morning workout? Have a pre-workout cup of cordyceps to support energy levels and stamina.

A versatile mushroom, cordyceps has been used by practitioners of Chinese medicine for centuries to support steady energy levels. It can give you:

  • Increased ATP levels[*]
  • Increased resistance to muscle fatigue[*][*]
  • Improved cardiovascular response[*]
  • Improved VO2max[*]

Like your personal workout buddy, cordyceps will have you saying “Put me in, coach!”

9:00 a.m.: Lion’s Mane

What the Heck Is a Functional Mushroom Powder Drink? Learn the Benefits

Now that your workout is crushed, get in the zone for work with lion’s mane mushroom.

Lion’s mane tea has long been used by Buddhist monks for better focus during meditation. They were onto something here, as lion’s mane can support cognition and memory, while also helping your ability to concentrate[*][*][*]. It’s a great addition to your desk drawer for those days with very long to-dos.

Some entrepreneurs I know swear by drinking a Lion’s Mane Elixir before a big meeting with investors.

3:00 p.m.: Chaga

What the Heck Is a Functional Mushroom Powder Drink? Learn the Uses and Benefits

Take a break in the early afternoon and support your immune system with my favorite mushroom, Chaga Elixir.

Thriving on birch trees in regions like Siberia, Canada, North Korea, and some parts of the northern United States, chaga has been used for centuries by these cultures for multiple purposes.

You should know about its antioxidant properties, which are known to support your immune system, making you feel like a superhero. But you’ll probably see chaga’s effects first in your hair, skin, and nails.

Pro tip: If you’re traveling soon, be sure to add Chaga Elixir to your carry-on. You’ll need its immune function support when you’re stuck on that plane.

8:00 p.m.: Reishi

What the Heck Is a Functional Mushroom Powder Drink?

Kick back after this good-for-you daily routine with a book and prepare to nod off with Reishi Elixir.

Reishi is known as Linghzi in China, a word that signifies longevity. I love this adaptogen because of its ability to support stress and sleep.

Most of us could use a little help to catch more zzz’s at night, and reishi mushroom might just be the answer. Reishi, taken in continuous, small doses, has been shown to activate sleep cycles and increase total sleep time.

Personally, I think the reishi Mushroom Hot Cacao Mix is the replacement for a glass of wine before cuddling into bed after a stressful day.

Try Functional Mushrooms for Yourself

That’s just how we use them. You’ll find your own way. And when you do, be sure to tell us by tagging #FourSigmatic on Instagram.

What the Heck Is a Functional Mushroom Powder Drink

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