New Year, New 'Shrooms

Happy New Year, mushroom family! I hope everyone survived this weekend’s festivities a-okay! I personally felt great, sipping on our new Hydration Blend while dancing my butt off under the stars in Malibu, CA.

Now that 2017 is behind us, it’s time to look ahead.

2017 was undeniably an incredible year. Healing Mushrooms was launched, we launched our FREE Mushroom Academy online courses, and in more personal news, I became an uncle for the very first time when my brother welcomed his first child into the world. Add to that all the products we launched, and it’s hard to imagine a better year… but I have a feeling 2018 will top them all.

Today, I wanted to share a few things I’m excited for in the year to come. Whether you’re a seasoned ‘shroom fan or new to the world of functional mushrooms, I want to thank you for making the past year so phenomenal. Now, let’s all make 2018 the ‘shroomiest year yet...

1. Offering you new ways to consume mushrooms. 2017 was a big year for us, we launched our Mushroom Matcha, the Mushroom Ground Coffee in regular and light roast Decaf blends, the Hydration Blend and Adaptogen Blend (and more), and our ‘Shroom Room-only Mushroom Chocolate, among many more. 2018 will prove even bigger, as we look to expand our unique product selection into even more products that don’t yet exist in the market.

    2. Creating more free educational content. In 2017, we launched the Mushroom Academy, levels 1-3; my book, Healing Mushrooms and we ramped up content on our Blog and Recipe pages. In 2018, we're planning to build on that momentum, with even more ‘shroom schooling!

      3. Continuing to learn from our community. We value all the amazing feedback provided by our customers (like you!), especially in the ‘Shroom Club and the Shroom Room. Your input helps us serve everyone better, seasoned ‘shroomers and newbies alike. If you’d like to provide feedback on products and connect with other mycophiles, join our ‘Shroom Club today! Don’t be afraid to be vocal on the type of products or content you would like to see happen.

        4. Participating in more charity work. Four Sigmatic is a proud sponsor of B4BC and their upcoming Chasing Sunshine retreat in Taos, NM. Thanks to your purchases of the Adaptogen Blend in December, we’re able to sponsor one young cancer survivor’s spot in the retreat. In 2018, we’ll be expanding our charitable work and are currently looking for a second partner – please send us an email if you have suggestions!

          5. Growing our team and spending more time together. Our Four Sigmatic family works all over the globe, from Los Angeles to New York, Helsinki to Florida, Oregon to Ohio. In 2018, we’ll be convening as a team on three occasions to work and innovate together IRL. This growth has also lead us to look for more people to join us! We’re currently seeking a US-based Controller who’s a wiz at Quickbooks, someone with Amazon Vendor and Seller Central experience, and ZenDesk-experienced Four Sigmatic aficionados to join our growing Customer Service team. Could any of these be you? Email us to let us know!

            On the personal side of things, this year is all about growth and personal development for me. I want to learn even more about stem cells and a bit less about Bitcoin. I want to watch the stars and sunset as often as I can (is there really such a thing as too many sunsets? Probably not…). I’ll be making chocolate for the people I love, and – this might be the most shocking goal of all – traveling less. That’s right, as someone who is notorious for the amount of travel I do, this year I’ll be scaling back so I can create even more content and unique products to make Four Sigmatic even more amazing.

            So what about you, ‘shroom friend? Let me know what this new year means for you by connecting with us on Instagram or in our ‘Shroom Club.

            Happy New Year!


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