How We 'Shroom, November: How We're Adapting to a New Month

It’s hard to believe November is already here – it seems like just yesterday we were kicking off a busy summer!

But we have plenty to look forward to this month and we’re kicking things off with a brand new series, "How We ‘Shroom". Each month, we'll introduce you to two awesome members of our Four Sigmatic family, tell you a bit about them, and learn about their favorite products. This month, meet Dana, our Community and Content Managerand Ryan, our Operations Manager

Scroll down to learn how they're adapting to this weekend's time change and the fresh month ahead!

Dana, Community and Content Manager

Favorite part of your job?

Making my own schedule! I work unusual hours so I like that I can be remote and clock in when I work my best. 

Travel hack…

Always. Carry. Earplugs.

On weekends you can find me…

Cruising to the beach on my bike and doing acro yoga with my boyfriend.

Tip for adapting to a new season…

Checking in with myself and meditating on what I want to create in the upcoming season. And lots of cozy socks.

Best way to move:

Forget the gym, get outside. Be creative and have fun moving. That’s the best way to stay inspired to keep doing it.

Favorite app…

Instagram? HAH! On it all day, everyday.

Current soundtrack?

I’ve been really into Latin American Rhythms / Future Bass. Anything with a good vibey beat that helps me concentrate.

If I were a mushroom, I’d be…

Reishi Spores. My nickname is Sprout so I feel like it fits me perfectly.

Coffee or elixir?

ELIXIR! I’m the tonic master. I always choose a tonic over coffee.

What are you sipping right now?

Chamomile Tea and Reishi Elixir with a dash of honey – I love this combo because it helps relax my mind with the stress of the upcoming holidays, perfect for immunity in the changing seasons and also helps with my allergies!

Ryan, Operations Manager

Best part of your job?  

Freedom & being a part of the buzzing ‘shroom community.

Favorite thing about where you live…

The pride, hospitality and history of Texas.

Tip for adapting to a new season…

In Texas we only have two seasons, hot and cold. To cope, the moment the temperature begins to change I increase my time outside to acclimate as quickly as possible.

If I were a mushroom, I’d be…

I’ve mentioned this one before, the Chorioactis geaster (Devil's Cigar). It's only found in central Texas (where I live) and Japan. It makes a hissing/whistle sound when it releases its spores… which I find hilarious.

Ocean or forest?

Ocean, I love the sun!

Coffee or elixir?


Currently reading…

I’m currently between books, but recent reads include SuperForecasting and Predictably Irrational. I recommend both.

If you could choose one workout move, what would it be?

It’s hard to narrow it down to one, with that being said, either sprints, Turkish get-ups, or kettlebell swings.

Words to live by…

The Golden Rule from Matthew 7:12, summarized as “Do unto others as you would have them do unto you.” Cliche, but powerful.

What are you sipping right now?

I’m an early riser and the hands-on coffee brewing process (french press, Chemex, etc) is an integral part of my morning routine so the Ground Coffee with Lion’s Mane is my go-to.

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