How We 'Shroom, December: How to Have a Relaxing Holiday Season

Ever wondered what a dog wants for Christmas?

Us too. It’s only natural.

Lucky for all of us, our Customer Service Manager, Allison got the inside scoop from her pup Keala for this month’s special holiday edition of ‘How We ‘Shroom’.

But we’re not just talking holiday wish lists this month. No, this December we’re taking note from our favorite functional ‘shrooms and focusing on supporting relaxation.

Stress has played too large a role in the holiday season for far too long if you ask us!

Pick up some pointers from the Four Sigmatic Family, below, then join the discussion in our 'Shroom Club to share your own tips for a relaxing holiday season.


Head of Digital

Where are you calling “the office” right now?

For the past 6 years, “the office” has been more like a dynamic idea for me. I have worked from +15 different countries, hundreds of cafes... even from a hospital and police station (note: no criminal mischief here, just waited for my passport for three hours). It has really taught me a valuable skill, knowing I can get my workflow going anywhere I am. My “office” is wherever I open my laptop and sip some shrooms.

Best thing about New York in December?

Easy! Rotating a couple hours of hot sauna and cold plunge at the local Russian Turkish Baths. That’s how you beat the cold December nights.

Favorite holiday tradition?

In addition to spending time with my loved ones, I tend to take some time off for reflection. So going through journal entries/notes/calendar from the past year, and seeing if there’s anything that positively affected my life. Then I try to ensure those positive things are part of the upcoming year.

Do you have any tips for staying relaxed during the holiday season?

It doesn’t have to be perfect! I prefer little to no stress and a poorly prepared holiday over a perfect but super-stressful day.

Coffee, Elixir or Blend?

Bear with me, this is a long answer. I have always been obsessive about coffee, but every single time I stop drinking coffee, I just feel so much better. I have found a way to cut my coffee consumption to 1 cup a week. First of all, yes, I need some source of caffeine. The key here has been Mushroom Matcha. It gives me the perfect buzz that lasts longer and does not lead to the typical caffeine crash thanks to L-theanine.

I’ve even inspired a bunch of my friends to make the switch from coffee to matcha. Don’t get me wrong, I still enjoy half cups of our Ground Mushroom Coffee (or the Decaf) on the weekends.

Movies or podcasts?

Well, when you live in NYC you inevitably spend quite a bit of time on the subway, so there’s plenty of time to consume podcasts. If you have a meditation practice or are considering starting one, listen to a few episodes of Dan Harris’s 10% Happier Podcast. Start from episode #82 with Cory Muscara.

Best holiday memory?

There’s no better memory than childhood Christmas years when it was impossible to sleep or eat, because I just could not wait to see Santa.

#1 on your wishlist this year…

Zero inbox.

And… wireless headphones that don’t have pairing issues.

And you’re giving everyone on your list…

This Christmas will be green. People, expect to get Mushroom Matcha from me. I am hooked.


Customer Service Manager


Where are you calling “the office” right now?

As a nomad, my “office” is anywhere with good wifi and within petting reach of my dog, Keala. I like to work at cafes only if they serve food, and have good music. I also enjoy comfy couches, attempting a standing desk, and anywhere that I can see or feel sunshine.

Best thing about the West Coast in December?

That depends where you are along the coast! I’m from Seattle, WA so I’d have to say the foggy, misty mornings are the best there, especially over the water. In California, the best thing is being able to go all winter without a real jacket.

Any tips for getting in the holiday spirit while you're on the road?

Always opt for the seasonal special - I’m a sucker for cranberries, squash, cinnamon and of course, everything pumpkin. Stay cozy! Wear fuzzy socks, beanies, scarfs, and always have a soft blanket lying around to snuggle up with. Anytime I start drinking warm spicy beverages like our Adaptogen Blend, it feels like the holidays to me!

Any advice for staying relaxed during the holiday season?

Don’t forget to take care of you. Pausing in my day to stretch or meditate for a few minutes really helps me stay calm. I like to step outside or go on a short walk while taking deep breaths of fresh air. Lastly, try winding down after a long day with a reishi product - my favorite is our Reishi Spores mixed with plant milk and some cinnamon.

Coffee, Elixir or Blend?

Elixir! I drink our Lion’s Mane Elixir every morning while I start my workday. I love spicing it up with some turmeric, cinnamon and ginger powder. I’ll sometimes have a latte when I’m at a cafe but I don’t drink coffee often, although I adore it.

Podcasts or playlists?

Books! However, sometimes I like to play a Spotify playlist called Lush Vibes while I work. I’m pretty hooked on Anthony William’s book, Medical Medium. It’s fascinating. Another good one I’m almost finished with is Planet Heal Thyself by Jordan Rubin.

What do you think is on your pup Keala's wishlist this year?

All toys. Even at 7 years old, she plays with toys like a puppy. She has also been asking for a hiking backpack ;)

#1 on your wishlist this year…

My mom and I are shopping for an adventure van to share, that’s definitely at the top of my list!

And you’re giving everyone on your list…

I’m giving everyone our Chaga Elixir this year. Why? Because I want to give the gift of wellbeing! This mushroom is my favorite during the changing of seasons because it is very grounding and is the best for supporting your body’s immune functions.

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