Is Chocolate Good or Bad For Your Skin?


I love raw chocolate bars. Eating them, making them, gifting them. It’s a food that gives me a lot of happiness.

Many people in my life end up asking me about chocolate and their skin. There’s this old story about eating chocolate and having pimples pop up. And no one wants that.

...but is this true? Is chocolate bad for your skin?

Don’t worry! I researched the sh** out of this so that you don’t have to  😉

Does Eating Chocolate Cause Breakouts?

Researchers have been looking into this since the 1960s. The body of evidence indicates that eating chocolate does not cause pimples or breakouts[*].

However, there may be a connection between high sugar intake and pimples[*]. The same can be said about dairy and pimples[*] ...and we all know that most chocolate products contain processed sugar and dairy.

So there’s a big difference between eating a whole bar of milk chocolate and a piece or two of raw dark chocolate. A dark chocolate made with less processed cacao will have less sugar, no milk, and more antioxidant properties.

Mushroom Chocolate Bar

Ok Does Chocolate Do Anything to Your Skin?

Cacao that is minimally processed has many antioxidant properties. It contains flavonoids and flavanols which help many different parts of your body[*]. If you feel like nerding out more, you can google about the various catechins and anthocyanins found in cacao.

Dark chocolate is also being studied for the effects of these antioxidant properties on the skin. There is some indication that consuming chocolate with high levels of flavanols may increase skin elasticity[*]. Better, younger looking skin? Sign me up!

Dark chocolate also has zinc[*]. This mineral helps to maintain the integrity of your skin[*] and is used for many skin conditions[*].

Reishi Cacao

The Very Important Caveat

Now, the benefits of the antioxidant benefits of cacao are found when you’re looking at a minimally processed cacao. When you add in dairy,  sugar, reduce the amount of cacao, or highly process the cacao into cocoa, those benefits go away.

Also Dutch processed or cocoa processed with alkali has significantly fewer antioxidant properties. You’ll often see this in dark chocolate products, so steer clear[*].  

So, to recap, cacao:

  • Provides antioxidant properties
  • Has zinc, which is good for the skin
  • Does not give you pimples
  • Does not make your skin oily
  • May help improve skin elasticity

Cacao and Your Skin

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