The Team That Comes Up with Shiit(ake) like Mushroom Coffee

Us! Guilty as charged.

You see, our story begins in Finland in 2012. Finland is a nature-centric Nordic country known for Nokia, Angry Birds, saunas [correct pronunciation: sow-na], and the world’s highest coffee consumption.

After bonding over chaga tea in university, as you do, 6 of us decided to bring the magic of mushrooms to the world, with a single vision in mind:

Your life quality can be vastly improved by simple dietary tweaks.

The easiest way to do this? With the world’s most nutrient-dense foods, especially mushrooms.

But there are a lot of mycophobes (real word) and ‘shroom haters out there. So we made it it even easier by adding ‘shrooms to your favorite drinks: coffee, hot cacao, matcha, and lattes. New habits don’t come easy, a sprinkle of magic added to an everyday routine turns haters into life-long fans.

You might have read about our products, whether you frequent GOOP or Playboy (for the articles of course).

Today we work remotely from Helsinki to LA (with Denver and Minneapolis in between). We’ve grown to 30+ full-time shroomates™ dedicated to sharing ‘shroomy secrets with customers in over 65 countries.

Our dream is to serve millions more around the world with functional superfoods, and not take life too seriously along the way.

Everyday Magic™
You Can Trust

*Nerd Alert!* We named ourselves Four Sigmatic because when you compare how nutritious all foods are in the world, most foods are okay, a few horrible, and a few amazing. If you put these foods on a scale from average to good to bad, the further you get from your “average” food, the more rare it is, and more sigmas (σ) you have.

Only 50 superfoods in the world qualify as “four sigmatic.” The best of the best.

Those are the foods we use in our products for you! Easy?...uhhh no. But it’s a little too late to change the brand name.

We aim to be USDA Organic, Whole 30, Paleo, Vegan, and Gluten-free.

Every single batch of our extracted products are tested in a third party lab for heavy metals, allergens, bad bacteria, yeasts, molds, mycotoxins, pesticides, and irradiation before they get in your hands.

In fact, the product doesn’t leave the manufacturing site until the third party lab has cleared it. If there are any test results you want to see, just contact us.

We’re Us,
Not Them

We do our best to not be like anyone else. How you ask? Well, we

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