Bringing Nordic Wellness Knowledge To The Hustle of America

It’s never been harder to make good choices for your health. If you find yourself stuck in the coffee-crash-wine-melatonin-groggy-coffee cycle, or surrounded by sniffling kids and sneezing coworkers, we’ll help you cut through the fads and take the guesswork out of wellness. Four Sigmatic fits transformative magic into your everyday with minimal effort. We upgrade daily rituals so you don’t have to start anything new. From easy-to-use elevated coffee and better evening rituals, to cleaner protein post-workout and edible skincare, we help everyone meet the demands of modern life.

Your Daily Antidote For The Demands Of Modern Life

Tero Isokauppila Founder

It All Started In Finnish Nature

Our founder’s upbringing in Finland on his family farm taught us respect for the power of ancient, natural traditions, which we aim to share with the world. (And yes, we’d love to introduce you to saunas, and show you where we grew up)

Four Sigmatic Shroom Room

You Can’t Spell Four Sigmatic Without U

We’re here to make your life less stressful. Sometimes that’s a stress-busting cup of coffee. Sometimes that’s a perfectly timed pun. Sometimes that’s a free drink at our Shroom Room in LA or NYC. Sometimes that’s popping up where you least expect us in a Mushroom Mobile. But most of the time that’s making sure you get all your questions answered. We just love to chat so mush. Call or text +1(213) 699-4616.

We aim to be


Whole 30



Gluten Free

Tero Isokauppila

Testing, Testing

We don’t take ourselves too seriously about most things. But our products are no joke. We stress and obsess about the science, statistics, sourcing, and testing so you don’t have to. Every single batch of our products are tested in a third party lab for heavy metals, allergens, bad bacteria, yeasts, molds, mycotoxins, and pesticides before they get in your hands.

For Our Fellow Nerds We’d Love To Show Our Work

Four Sigmatic Team


We’re 40+ shroomates™, mothers, foragers, and ice hockey enthusiasts—dedicated to sharing our super(food) secrets with friends like you in over 65 countries. We’re always looking for fellow pun lovin’ people to join the team

A.M.A.A. (Ask Me About Adaptogens)

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